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Ravina Nanuian Interior Decorator, BBA degree, Dipl., ID, LEED® Green Associate™

My name is Ravina, but you can call me, Ravy! My passion for art, architecture, design, as well as the environment, has led me here today!

My vision is to create inspiring, uplifting & beautiful interior spaces in a sustainable way.

I believe you should be able to walk into your space and feel like you’re telling your style story. If you don’t have any stories to tell, that’s okay – that’s where I can help!

Many people can feel stifled in the pursuit of sustainable design, because 

  1.  they feel pressured to accept a particular style
  2.  believe it’s too costly to do so

There is this misconception that bright, fabulous colours cannot be in an eco-friendly space; that it’s only rustic and earth-tone inspired. Generally, that is the narrative, but I believe you don’t need to sacrifice your design style to be eco-friendly. These days there are more eco-conscious options than ever before, so prices are not as high as one may think.

Some people are under the impression that if they are not completely eco-conscious then why bother trying at all! The truth is, it’s not about perfection, but more so about balance. Everything in the room does not need to be biodegradable, or contain recycled content. It is about doing your best to select/use certain items that have a considerable benefit to your health and the environment as a whole. In the long-term, this investment will result in future cost-savings for you, and for our beautiful planet.

Even with the growing concern of climate change, many people don’t know where to begin when it comes to designing a sustainable space in a creative and cost effective way. This is where RavyRose Interiors can help!

It truly is an incredible thing to envision the space of your dreams,

but can I tell you?

It’s a lot more fun living in it!

So if you’re ready to bloom the artistry of your interior space – let’s create!

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For more information, or to purchase a particular service, contact us via email.

Let’s begin this creative journey!